Every story has a beginning


Founded in 2016, Moodbeam was inspired by a seven-year-old girl struggling to deal with a tough situation at school. Her mum, our co-founder Christina, was left wondering what it would be like to know how her daughter was feeling when she wasn't with her. She knew that this was a situation not unique to her, but shared by thousands of other parents. 

"Moodbeam was born out of a need to know how my daughter was feeling when she wasn't with me. Being able to tap into her day without creating more anxiety or worry was so important to me." - Christina

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Together with an experienced team beside her, Christina’s idea developed from a very personal experience into a tool that could be a solution for anyone wanting to know more about their own personal wellbeing, or to support them in connecting and communicating with those closest to them.

Such is the simplicity of the technology behind Moodbeam, its use and reach means it can be easily and discreetly used everyday by anyone, whether they’re 5 or 95 years old, whatever the situation or state of mind.

We can’t wait to see where our Moodbeam story takes us, but we are even more excited to see how our unique technology can support others to truly tell their own story.

"To know from afar whether someone you love has been happy or sad meant that a door was opened. A door on a world where, with the help of a simple tool, that person so important to you could truly and honestly describe how they feel."

Christina Colmer McHugh