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Let’s change the way the world sees mood

Moodbeam One is the first wearable device that logs how we feel, at the push of a button.

Introducing Moodbeam One

Moodbeam is built on the unfortunate truth that whilst how we feel is so important to our wellbeing, it’s hard to capture and tough to talk about. Our ambition is to transform the way the world sees mood, by making it easier to understand and talk about how we feel.

How Moodbeam works

Using Moodbeam

In 3 simple steps

Moodbeam One is the world’s first wearable device focused on capturing and making sense of mood. It allows for better understanding of how we feel, creates more meaningful conversations with those we care about and helps us lead happier lives.


Log how you're feeling with a simple button press whenever you feel a strong change in mood. Press yellow when you’re feeling positive, blue when you’re feeling negative. As well as happiness, you can use Moodbeam to measure pain, happiness or your level of motivation.



Download and connect to the Moodbeam App using Bluetooth to instantly sync the data from your Moodbeam One, ready to be viewed whenever it suits you.



Understand more about your mood by using the Moodbeam App to identify patterns and trends, create a mood diary, connect with those you care about most or learn how your activity and sleep affects how you feel.


Moodbeam One Wearable

Log how you feel at the push of a button

Knowing how you're feeling at any one time can be powerful, especially when set against the backdrop of work, rest and play.

Alongside the Moodbeam App, Moodbeam gives deeper insight into what’s going on in the mind of the wearer, be it you or someone you care about who has chosen to share how they’re feeling with you.

Key features of Moodbeam One

Moodbeam One Key Features

Log your mood

Push a button to log your mood, even with your eyes closed. Yellow for happy, blue for unhappy

Accessible For All

Designed to be accessible to all no matter the age or ability.

Records Sleep

Learn more about how your sleeping patterns affects mood.

Step Counter

Keep track of how many steps you do throughout the day.

Automated Prompts

Set times for when Moodbeam will prompt you to log how you feel.

Easy Charging

5 day battery life + easy to use cable free USB charging.

Water Resistance

Connects wirelessly to your Moodbeam App to see your mood data on a smartphone or tablet device.


Your mood data is backed up automatically and securely.

Why we exist

We have a mission

We aim to put the power of self-reflection and emotional awareness in everyone’s hands to make mood visible, conversations easier and the world a happier place.

Team Moodbeam is a group of like minded friends with purpose. We have an ambition to get people talking about the things that really matter to them.

Let's transform the way the world sees mood...