Our mission


Founded in 2016, Moodbeam brings integrity, compassion and confidence to those who own one. Thanks to its intuitive user-led technology it allows men, women and children to talk about how they really feel at a time good for them. Our goal is to promote fruitful conversations, encouraging us to take care of our mental wellbeing and stay informed and equipped for what lies ahead.

Supporting others

Moodbeam is a great way of connecting and supporting the people you care about. Sometimes it can be difficult to open up and talk face to face. By using Moodbeam you can show and tell how you’re feeling without needing to open your mouth. It will naturally provide a prompt or conversation starter.

See how you feel

Never before have we been able to visualise our feelings. Now we can bring our moods to life. In a cleverly designed, quick view snapshot we can scan within seconds how we, and those we love, have been feeling.

Spot the patterns, buck the trends

Realising the things that make us happy, excited, worried or anxious is central to changing our emotional wellbeing. Moodbeam is the perfect tool to help you make positive changes and lead a happier life.