The Mental Health Foundation tells us that around one in ten of us growing up in the UK are affected by mental health problems of some kind. This is something that needs to change.

For every 10 Moodbeam One wearables purchased through the website we will set one aside for someone who needs one but doesn’t have access to one...

Using your Moodbeam One

Using this guide

This guide has been created to support your use of Moodbeam One and the Moodbeam App. Within it you will find a guide to help make sense of the features of the App, instructions covering how the App works and how you can make the most of using your Moodbeam One. Also included are common questions from users and the answers to these questions.

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Common questions

I am setting my Moodbeam One up for the first time but my App doesn't recognise the serial number.

If you are having issues connecting your Moodbeam One please take the following steps:

1. Ensure that your Moodbeam One is charged. If you have not charged your Moodbeam One after unpackaging then your wearable will still be in sleep mode.
2. Close your Moodbeam App completely
3. Open your Mobile device Bluetooth settings and turn Bluetooth off. Wait a moment before turning back on.
4. Re-open the Moodbeam App and go to the screen to connect you Moodbeam One device. 5. Re-enter your serial number or scan the QR code from the packaging/welcome guide

If after following the steps above your Moodbeam One still can't be found, please let us know using our email In your email include details of the mobile device you are using, the operating system version e.g IOS 12.3 and any other information you feel is relevant.

I can not create an account because the text is too large

If you are finding that the text is too large on the app and you are not able to complete simple tasks such as creating your account, it is likely that you have your text settings for your device set to enlarge the text within applications.

To solve this, please go to your mobile device settings and locate the accessibility settings. On IOS devices, this can be found within the general settings. Once you have found the accessibility settings ensure that the options around setting "Larger text" are not active. Once you have made the correct adjustments to your settings, please re-open the Moodbeam App

My Moodbeam One is not charging

When you have unpackaged your Moodbeam One you will need to prompt it out of 'sleep mode' by charging the USB device. If you are having trouble charging, please ensure that you have inserted the USB the correct way round. If inserted correctly, the device will vibrate and you will see a flashing green light appear.

Where can I get the app

If you are using an IOS device such as an Iphone, then please go to the App Store to download Moodbeam onto your mobile. If you are using an Android device, please visit the Google Play Store to download the Moodbeam App.

On my Moodbeam One, what does the blue and yellow buttons mean?

The buttons on your Moodbeam One are there for you to register your mood. Whatever the labels you choose when setting up your device on the Moodbeam App, the blue button always signifies a negative emotion e.g Sad while Yellow signifies a positive emotion e.g Happy.

User Guide

Creating your account

For first time users, setting up your Moodbeam account can be done easily in a matter of moments.

From the first landing screen, when asked whether you already have a Moodbeam account, select “No, I need to create one” and click “Next”

Before setting up your Moodbeam account, please make sure you have carefully read and agreed to the terms and conditions. Once you have reviewed the privacy and terms policy, click the confirm button followed by “Next”

Move through the following screens adding your account details when required.

The final step before you can access your Moodbeam account is to verify your email address. Please check that you have received an email from Moodbeam containing your activation code. If you haven’t received an email at all, please check your spam folder just in case it has been received there rather than your inbox.

If you haven’t received an email at all, please try resending the activation email by clicking the “Resend my code” button located at the bottom of the screen. If after taking this step, you are still not receiving an email from Moodbeam please let us know as soon as possible using our email address ( or talk to us live through the website.

After receiving your activation code, your final step is to enter the code and click “Complete my account setup” to create your Moodbeam account. If your activation code is correctly entered you will be taken to the Welcome page.

Setting up your Moodbeam One

Before connecting your Moodbeam One wearable please make sure you have access to your device serial number. The serial number is made up of 16 numbers and can be found on the USB insert that sits inside the band of your Moodbeam One.

Alternatively, you will find a QR code on both the packaging and inside the “Getting Started Guide” that was included inside the box. This QR code can be used in the setup process if you prefer.

To set up your device for the first time

After creating your Moodbeam account and moving past the initial welcome screens you will have the opportunity to setup your Moodbeam One for the first time.

Depending on whether you are setting up your Moodbeam One for yourself, someone else or you are connecting to another Moodbeam Profile (by using a sharing code that has been sent to you) will decide which option you take.

In this example let’s consider that you are setting up your Moodbeam One for yourself, in which case choose the option “Pair my device” and click “Next”.

You will now be asked “Why you are using Moodbeam”. From the select box, there are a set number of options e.g Happy/Unhappy, Ok/Not Ok. By selecting one of these options you are giving meaning to what each blue or yellow click means on your Moodbeam One e.g Happy = Yellow, Blue = Unhappy. Remember that Yellow always represents the positive option, and blue the negative option.

Finally, either choose to scan the QR code by clicking the “Scan QR Code” button, or manually enter the 16 digit serial number into the input box. Finally click “Finish” to pair your Moodbeam One.

** Tip. Below the “Scan QR Code” button there is some text that lets you know how many Moodbeam One devices can be found by your app. If your Moodbeam One is fully charged as per the welcome instructions within your box, but your app is telling you that “0 Moodbeams Found”, please close the app, turn your Bluetooth settings off and back on and then return to device setup. You should now see the correct number of Moodbeam One devices available.

Log in

To login to your Moodbeam Account please use the email and password that you used to setup your account during the ‘account creation’ process. If your details have been entered correctly you will get access to your account.

Moodbeam doesn’t require login every time you open the App. However if you wish to verify your identity when opening the App, then please enable the biometric via the settings area for your account.

Password recovery

If you have forgotten your password, you can follow the steps to reset and recover your password using your email address.

To reset your password, from the login screen click “Forgotten your password?”. You will be asked to enter the email address you used to create your account.

Once you have done this please check for an email from Moodbeam containing your recovery code.

Use this code within the Moodbeam App to allow access to reset your account login details.

If you still have a problem with logging into the Moodbeam App, please get in touch with us through our website or using the email address

Setting up biometric login (touch or facial recognition)

If your Moodbeam account is logged in but either closed or running in the background while you are using other Apps on your phone, by default you will be able to gain access to your Moodbeam Account simply by re-opening the App.

If you would prefer to further protect your Moodbeam Account, particularly if there are other people who share your phone, then use your settings to enable “Touch ID” of “Face ID”. When active, every time you open Moodbeam you will be required to use your finger or thumbprint or face recognition to verify you own the device being used.

To enable this option, head to your account settings and adjust the option as preferred.


If there is an update for your Moodbeam app or a new version of the firmware for your Moodbeam One, we let you know via notifications. On occasion we will also use notifications to inform you of specific actions regarding general Moodbeam services e.g If someone has attempted to add your Moodbeam Profile to their account.

To access Notifications click the settings icon in the top left of the home screen and select “Notifications”.

If you receive a new notification while the app is closed you will receive a push notification to let you know.  If however the app is open, you will see a small orange dot appear next to your settings button.

Account settings

To access your general account settings firstly click the settings icon in the top left of you home screen, followed by the “Settings” tab.

From here you can adjust any settings relating to your account security, accessibility and notifications.

Your homescreen

As well as being the starter point to access all of Moodbeam’s features, your home screen allows you to get an overview of how either you or someone else has been feeling. You’ll notice that with a simple swipe, the change in background colour gives you insight into mood at a glance over your selected time period. Not only this, but from the home screen you can access your account or device settings, see your device status, access you Moodbeam prompts, share your Moodbeam Profile, and of course review yours or someone else’s mood information.

(1) Swipe to switch between Moodbeam profiles connected to your account. Each panel shows either a Moodbeam profile which is paired directly with your app (using the pairing method) or a profile that has been shared with you (using the sharing method).

(2) Press to open your chosen profile.

(3) Identifies the user of the Moodbeam data you are looking at.

(4) Shows the connection status of a paired Moodbeam for the currently selected profile.

(5) Create a share code so you can share you data with another person. They will also need to download the Moodbeam App.

(6) Open main menu

(7) Device settings

(8) Set prompts

(9) Select period for which Moments are shown on home screen

Adding a new Moodbeam Profile

If you are using the same mobile device with more than one person e.g with your family, you can setup multiple profiles and Moodbeam One’s in the same app without logging out.

To create a new profile, swipe right on the home screen until you come to the "Add/link Moodbeam profile" panel. Click the panel to open the setup screen for a new profile.

You can choose to either setup a new profile that will be controlled through your app e.g for a family member, or if someone has shared their “share code” with you, you can use this to see someone else’s Moodbeam profile.

To add a new profile, choose “Add a new Moodbeam” and click “Next”. Now follow the steps in the same was as when you created your original account, entering the details of the new person you are adding to your account.

Once you’ve finished, follow the steps above to pair this person’s device to their profile to begin using their Moodbeam One alongside your own.

Disconnecting or resetting your Moodbeam One

If for any reason you need to disconnect or reset your Moodbeam One, click on the device settings Icon found at the top right of your chosen Moodbeam Profile panel (three small dots). This will open a side menu with details about your current Moodbeam connection as well as giving options to edit the chosen Moodbeam profile, update your Moodbeam One’s firmware, or to disconnect or reset your Moodbeam.

By disconnecting your Moodbeam One from your Moodbeam Profile your profile will no longer sync automatically to your wearable device. Please make sure if you want to use it again that you have followed the device setup steps found in this user guide.

** Please note that disconnecting your Moodbeam One from your Moodbeam profile will not delete any of the data stored in your profile.

Viewing Moments

By clicking on your chosen Moodbeam Profile panel on the homescreen you will be taken to the Moments screen. From this screen you can cycle through previous days activity to get a general picture of how you or someone else was feeling on those particular days. Use the calendar icon in the top right to jump to a specific day without scrolling.

Open the bottom panel for a particular day to see an hour by hour break down of your chosen day.


Adding notes to your Moodbeam Moments

As well as seeing the mood for each hour, you can view, add or edit individual notes that have been added through the day. To do this simply click the small grey arrow on the right hand side of your selected ‘hour panel’. You will be presented with an “Add note” button. Click this button to create a new note.



Finding patterns and trends in our mood is key to being able to understand the changes we need to make to live happier lives.

The Patterns screen is broken into four main areas: Trends, Mood moments, Sleep and Activity. What is shown in each of these areas is dependent on the date range you have selected (by default Patterns uses the last 7 days). To change the date range, click on the calendar icon in the top right of the screen and either select one of the pre-prepared options e.g 7 days, 30 days etc, or choose to create a custom date range.


Trends gives you insight into the times of day and day of the week where your feelings are strongest over the given time period. For example, trends is useful to show you whether there is a certain time of the week where you are happiest, or if there is a pattern appearing for a particular day that indicates that you are feeling unhappy. This is particularly useful as a way of starting a meaningful conversation.



Mood moments gives you an easy to understand visual of how your mood has changed over your selected date range. Where as the moments screen lets you dig in day by day, viewing Moments through the patterns screen gives you insight into Mood over time.


Sleep and Activity

Sleep and Activity (steps) are tracked whenever you are actively wearing your Moodbeam One. The patterns page gives basic insight into the number of steps you are taking during the day and hours of total and deep sleep you are getting each night. Rather than being used in the same way as other health trackers, with Moodbeam you can use this information to observe if there is any correlation between your sleep and activity levels and your mood.

Changing how your sleep is calculated

We all sleep at different times of the day, depending on our job or lifestyle. Moodbeam One keeps track of the time you are asleep, but how that sleep is organised and displayed in the app is up to you.

By default, your sleep chart calculates and shows sleep between 12am (lunchtime) on the previous day to 12am on the current day. This works for most people who work during the day and sleep through the evening and night.

If however you have a job where you often sleep during the day you can choose to change how your sleep is calculated. To do this, click on the “Change how sleep is calculated” link found in the Sleep header block on the Patterns page. From here, choose the option that best suits your sleep patterns. Changes will be instantly made to your sleep chart.


Using the journal helps give context to your mood. As you are adding notes to your individual moments on the Moments screen, your journal will store these notes so that you can easily look back over time and make more sense of what you were doing and how you were feeling.


Getting in touch

Whether you have a question about the Moodbeam App or concerning your Moodbeam One please don’t hesitate to get in touch using our email address ( we will be glad to hear from you.

Is something not working correctly?

We are continuously working to make improvements to the Moodbeam App and to Moodbeam One. If you are having difficulty using any of Moodbeam’s products or you have a suggestion for a new feature or improvement to an existing feature please let us know and we will do our very best to offer you the help and support you require.

To get in touch with us either visit our website and use our ‘live chat’ to speak to one of the team or send us an email to

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