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Moodbeam's trusted partner within construction

We are proud to have joined forces with Pagabo to give those working in the construction sector a means of quickly and easily communicating to their employer whether or not they are happy at work.

We're hopeful Moodbeam can have an impact through its simple self reporting device and together, with Pagabo as our construction partner, we are undertaking a study involving 500 professionals to see how happy people are at work, as we know a happy workforce is a productive one.

Met with a tremendous amount of interest, the study will run over a three-month period and help form the basis of real time support on sites across the UK in the future.

Construction work is often remote and can involve working in tough conditions and now, it regularly involves being away from a supportive office environment, in the current climate.

Without immediate intervention, we can only see people’s mental health and overall wellbeing being compromised and Pagabo hope that with Moodbeam’s technology, they can do something about it earlier and in a way that makes everyone feel included and supported at work.

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