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Give your people a voice

With Moodbeam One and our companion app, your people can regularly check-in with how they feel at the touch of a button.

Easily see how your people are feeling in real time

Moodbeam gives you a unique insight into exactly how your people are feeling, whether that’s yellow for happy, or blue for not happy.

Compare how teams feel across the organisation

The Moodbeam dashboard provides valuable insight into the happiness of every person, team or location.

See how the happiness score changes over time

The Moodbeam happiness score shows how your people and teams are feeling over a select period of time.

Get your people and teams talking

Start meaningful conversations earlier, to offer support and encouragement, when and where it’s needed.

Happy people create a thriving business.

Moodbeam is a complete solution, helping you map happiness across your people and teams, driving positive change and improved wellbeing.

Imagine knowing how your people and teams are feeling everyday

Moodbeam offers you the tools to not only let your employees voice how their day is going, but see in real time how they’re feeling. Knowing how your people and teams are feeling, is everything.

Moodbeam One Wearable

Capture feelings at the touch of a button

Moodbeam allows your people to log in real time how happy they feel, in a simple and accessible way. It can be worn on the wrist, clipped to clothing or attached to a lanyard. Those with constant access to a smartphone may prefer to log how they feel directly via the Moodbeam app.

Moodbeam One key features

Moodbeam One Key Features

Mood Buttons

Simply press a button to log how the day is going. Yellow for OK and Blue for Not OK. Haptic feedback confirms button pressed.

Accessible For All

Designed to be accessible to all, whether it’s wrist worn, clipped to clothing or attached to a lanyard.

In-Use Sensor

In-built use sensor, to determine whether the device is being carried or not.

Automated Prompts

Moodbeam will gently remind the user to log how their day is going at set times throughout the day.

Easy Charging

Easily charge via in-built USB plug. Battery life is around 5 days.


Moodbeam data is stored securely and backed-up in the cloud.

Moodbeam App

We've got an App for that

Give your people the ability to connect their Moodbeam One, giving them insight to their own highs and lows during their working day.

Moodbeam Dashboard

Log Happiness At Work

See Mood Moments

Spot Trends & Patterns

Add Journal Entries

Manage Prompts


Hi Lucy

How are you today?

Past 7 days


Updated: 15th July 2019

August 13th





12th Aug

13th Aug

14th Aug

13th August 2020


Slept well, feel much better for it



Great team meeting recruiting for the new sales roles


14th August 2020


Going to have to work late tonight to catchup on emails


15th August 2020


Looking forward to the weekend, this week has had its ups and downs


Mon,Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri

Every day

Every day

Moodbeam App

We've got an App for that

Give your people the ability to connect their Moodbeam One, giving them insight to their own and highs and lows during their working day.

Moodbeam Dashboard

Moodbeam Business Dashboard

Review and compare happiness of teams, people and location

Explore the happiness of people and teams during each working day across the entire organisation allowing the business to respond in real time. This isn’t a once a year survey, it is everyday organisational self-awareness.

Dashboard key features

Moodbeam Dashboard | Key Features

Track Happiness

Track the happiness of individuals & teams in your organisation across multiple locations.

Happiness Score

Daily Happiness Score captured for individuals, teams, locations and organisations as a whole.

Make comparisons

Compare the happiness ranking of individuals, teams and locations.


Create circles (groups) of individuals so you can track happiness across teams or your chosen demographics

Multiple Locations

Use and manage Moodbeam across multiple business locations.

Distribution Tools

Tools to assist in the distribution of your Moodbeam One devices across your organisation.

Measure Moodbeam Usage

Understand how Moodbeam is being used within your business.

Access Management

Manage who can access your Moodbeam Dashboard.

The NHS People’s Plan places an emphasis on staff wellbeing and the most important thing we do in our business is support the wellbeing of general practice teams, so it's fantastic to see that Riverside Surgery are focussing on their own staff’s mental wellness alongside Moodbeam

Kiran Johnson | Co-founder Primary Care Direct

Let us introduce you to the organisations helping us pioneer what work happiness looks like for their people

We’re fortunate to have worked with some of the most dynamic, driven organisations the UK has to offer. They are constantly and consistently pushing the boundaries and possibilities within their industries. Thanks to their employees, it’s only right they want to show this, while at the same time supporting and nurturing a positive, people-led approach through difficult times and into the future.

Our trusted partners

Explore the possibility of becoming a Moodbeam Trusted Partner and lead the way in workplace wellbeing. Happiness counts and no more so than in everyday working lives. Get in touch if you represent an industry or group of organisations who could benefit from what Moodbeam has to offer.

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