The Mental Health Foundation tells us that around one in ten of us growing up in the UK are affected by mental health problems of some kind. This is something that needs to change.

For every 10 Moodbeam One wearables purchased through the website we will set one aside for someone who needs one but doesn’t have access to one...

See the signs, spot the triggers

Be kind to yourself

The WHO predicted that in 2020 the world will suffer its biggest mental crisis globally. 

With Moodbeam’s simplicity and ability to tap into an entire nation and put the power back into their hands this potential human disaster may be averted. Being able to control personal and professional outcomes means that a world that is on its knees financially, politically and socially may still be able to stand back up and say no to those things that are breaking its spirit. 

"The real lightbulb moment for a lot of people who have embraced Mindfulness is that Moodbeam is Mindfulness in motion. "

Mindfulness in motion

The real lightbulb moment for a lot of people who have embraced Mindfulness is that Moodbeam is Mindfulness in motion. To stop momentarily and press a button means that you are taking the time to think about how you are feeling.

Lots of books, apps, lectures and workshops are now being cast aside for this one little device that is the genie of self-help and self-awareness. 

We're only too aware of how user information can be so easily breached, Facebook has openly admitted it will take it years to regain millions of data reports. We like to think we're protecting our users by keeping our tech simple and allowing them to decdie who they share their data with. 

The Moodbeam community is beginning to grow exponentially because it refuses to allow others to predict its happiness hot spots. When BFF started to mean ‘Best False Friend’ MB buddies started to show the world what a better world it would be if everyone started to see where, when, how and why they hit the yellow button. 

The really nice thing about Moodbeam is that it still means that human beings and thoughts still have a vital role to play in a world that is quickly becoming robotic. 

Algorithms, machine learning, deep learning and the internet of things has helped create this easy functioning society but Moodbeam allows it to still have a soul.

Christina has a passion for people and punctuation. Spending her career working in PR and as a professional journalist, she has the knack for a good story and a passion for all things Moodbeam.

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