The Mental Health Foundation tells us that around one in ten of us growing up in the UK are affected by mental health problems of some kind. This is something that needs to change.

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SEED's Marg Oaten describes how this fantastic charity is now supporting schools with its educational eating disorders toolkit.

“From a seed a flower grows, as do people who blossom in life.”

SEED are the ONLY Voluntary Organisation for eating disorders in Hull and East Riding and we serve to support people locally, nationally and internationally, with requests for support from USA Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Iceland, to name a few.

"The organisation was born out of personal experience when our daughter, Gemma, developed the illness at the age of 10 years old."

- Marg Oaten

She continued to be in the depths of her illness for 13 years, deteriorating to critical/life threatening levels 4 times in that time.

There was no support locally, we struggled as a family and there were huge gaps in the market when it came to seeking the help desperately needed via the NHS.

An Eating Disorder has the highest mortality rate of any other mental health illness with a staggering 20% of people dying every year as a direct result of the illness or through suicide.  These are staggering statistics.

The illness has no barriers when it comes to age or gender and can affect anyone at any age. 

It is a mental health illness that has a profound psychological effect on anyone who is part of the sufferer’s life.  For every sufferer there are loved ones who often find this illness difficult to understand.

There is statistical evidence to show that those suffering anorexia nervosa are the most at risk in terms of their own medical risk, and that bulimia may be ‘born’ out of anorexia.

SEED now help hundreds of people and we are proud and passionate about making a difference to their lives. We've now devised a toolkit, which you can watch and learn about below.

For further information and support please visit: SEED Eating Disorder Support Services – The Resource Room, Wilberforce Health Centre, 6 – 10 Story Street, Hull HU1 3SA  Admin (01482) 344084 

Helpline (01482) 718130 Charity No 1108405 or email


Eating Disorders is now a compulsory element of the PSHE Curriculum in Schools. The Educational Toolkit is to be used for Key Stage 3 and 4 (with future development for use in KS2 at primary level)

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