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The real-time happiness surveying tool for your teams.

Use Moodbeam to assess the mental wellbeing of your team.  Identify who or which teams are struggling so that you can act efficiently in providing assistance.

Moodbeam is part of The 55 Group.  We are passionate about the wellbeing of people who work in construction and beyond. Between stipulating mental health improvement in our Pagabo Frameworks and creating the Pagabo Foundation, we now present Moodbeam, a new tool in your arsenal for helping to combat the mental health crisis.

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See how events at work make your people feel, in real time

With this powerful new information you can now engage with people and teams at the right moment, identifying where change can create positive outcomes and happier people.

The benefits of
happy people

Moodbeam focuses on the simple idea that by giving your people a voice, organisations can create the kind of culture where people and teams can adapt and thrive.


Happy people stay with the organisation

Happy employees stay twice as long in their job compared to unhappy employees.


Happy people are more productive

It has been shown that the happiest workers are twice as productive than their less happy colleagues.


Happy people have improved wellbeing

Since 2020 76% people now say work-life balance is more important to them


Happy people take fewer sick days

Happier employees take 10 times fewer sick days than those who are unhappy in their work.

A dashboard for
positive change

This isn’t a once a year survey, this is everyday organisational self-awareness.

Through your Moodbeam dashboard, uncover valuable insights into the happiness of your organisation, track progress and inform change based on real and continuous feedback from your people.

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Measure happiness
across your organisation

As well as knowing how happy your organisation is as a whole, every location, team and individual has their own Mood Score updated in real time as your people report their highs and lows through their working day.



Quickly and easily compare how mood has changed over a selected period of time



Sort and search with ease to find those teams or individuals that could use a little extra support



Build detailed reports giving you trends and insights into the mood of your organisation month by month

Everything you need to give your people a voice

We’ve made it as easy as possible for your people to report how events throughout the working day make them feel.

Now, every member of your team can give valuable feedback in the moment using the free Moodbeam App.


Moodbeam App

The Moodbeam App not only offers the ability to quickly log a person’s mood, but also gives each individual the ability to look back and reflct on the highs and lows of their day.

Get started.

Already part of The 55 Group ecosystem?
Moodbeam is FREE
SME 0-100 Employees
£2,000 per year
ENTERPRISE 101-250 Employees
£5,000 per year

If your company has more than 250 employees, please get in touch.

Moodbeam has brought us closer as a team and users felt they had their concerns voiced and listened to. The dashboard allowed real time monitoring allowing help to be provided when it was most needed

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