How Moodbeam works

So, what sets Moodbeam apart from anything else out there that logs our moods?

Until now people have been reliant on others to tell them how they feel. They've been encouraged and told to write their thoughts down, check their body temperature or stress levels through various methods.

What Moodbeam does is eliminate the need for lots of actions by providing a simple two-step process. Once you feel a change in mood or tempo to your day press your Moodbeam device. The second step is to wait until a series of button presses are logged to see whether you've felt particularly happy or sad that day.

Over time, you will be able to see, at a glance, how you've been feeling.

For the first time ever, there is a metric for happiness.

This metric may compliment your existing methods of keeping track of your day. It may run alongside your school timetable, personal or working diary. It may run as an additional metric on your wearable or connected device to alert you to changes as you live your day out.

It eliminates the need for laborious page filling, relying on memory recall and past triggers. Its instant mood capture - by you - brings awareness to the user at that moment, making it a powerful tool for capturing change, whether subtle or significantly disruptive.

It's your Moodbeam. Make it fit into your world.

Want to know more about the people behind Moodbeam?

Technically speaking

Using the very latest technology we have been able to make mood capture portable, whether it’s at break time, coffee time or presentation time.

Keeping track of your day

Just think how easily it will be to capture your daily moods if you don’t have to laboriously write it all down or scroll. The hard work is done for you in an instant. Feel, press, go. It’ll all be there waiting for you when you do finally have a moment to check in.