Capture and track your daily moods at a click of a button.

Introducing Moodbeam.

What is Moodbeam?

Moodbeam is a simple, stylish, intuitive product that helps us easily track how we feel and log our emotional wellbeing at the click of a button.

From our discreet, handheld device, to our online and mobile platform, Moodbeam gives insight into how our moods change over time, showing patterns and trends that can support positive change in ourselves and others.

Moodbeam promotes fruitful conversations, encouraging us to take care of our mental health and to be informed and equipped for what lies ahead.

We all have a story that needs telling, let us tell you ours

How Moodbeam works

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Moodbeam is for everyone


Mental health




Moodbeam is a universally aged tool that appeals to children, adults and the elderly alike. Designed for both personal use and to support those close to you, Moodbeam’s multi-generational use could see it becoming a real talking point for families and businesses who can’t always check in with one another every day. We believe that logging how we feel and keeping a diary of those daily emotions is the key to detection and prevention, rather than intervention.

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When can I have one?

Currently we’re trialing Moodbeam within 20 different sectors and age-related groups. We’re just as curious as you are to see what the data reveals!

Because the demand for Moodbeam has accelerated we are working every second of every day to perfect it.

Let us know who you are and we will make sure to get in touch as soon as Moodbeam becomes available to buy.